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Top SUP Holidays In Europe

SUP is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities in Europe. Whether you are a novice or an experienced paddleboarder, you will find plenty of great places to SUP across the continent. From the breathtaking fjords of Norway to the majestic canals of Amsterdam, Europe offers a wide variety of breathtaking locations to explore. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 places to SUP in Europe. Each location offers something unique and special, so you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your next paddleboarding adventure.

Sup holidays in Europe, Mallorca, Spain

Norway’s fjords

One of the most popular stand up paddle board holidays in Europe, for a truly transformative paddleboarding experience, head to Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. Paddle along the UNESCO-protected Naeroyfjord on mirror-still waters between snow-capped mountains standing almost 2000m tall. Glide past quaint villages and cascading waterfalls as majestic eagles swoop overhead and playful seals and pods of porpoises swim by.

Recommended SUP trip in Sognefjord:

A must-see location whether you’re paddling or not, Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO-protected fjord known for its fairytale scenery and the thundering of the famous seven sisters waterfall. Paddle through a spectacular landscape as you marvel at the farmhouses and sheep managing to cling to the impossibly steep grass-covered cliffs.

Recommended sup trip in Geirangerfjord:

Amsterdam’s canals

Although maybe not the first place you had in mind for a SUP holiday in Europe, Amsterdam has several SUP rental centres catering to tourists and locals alike, and there’s no better way to see the sights. All experience is welcome, you can paddle solo, in a crowd, join a tour or enjoy a self-guided meander past the famous bridges, buildings and parks of this fantastic city. If you want more of a challenge than a sightseeing tour, you’re in luck. Amsterdam’s SUP centres can offer you a SUP workout or SUP yoga class. Or you can pick up a board from iJburg Beach and go for an endurance paddle to Durgerdam, Muiden or around Pampus Island.

Recommended SUP trip in Amsterdam:

The Mediterranean Coast

With its stunning clear waters, abundant marine life, picturesque villages and vibrant towns, this area of Croatia is understandably popular. Take a multi-day tour around the Split Peninsula to see this beauty for yourself. Start from your beach campsite with a night paddle, then explore rivers, canyons, mountains, and an inactive volcano.

Recommended SUP trip in Split:

Paddle your way around the rugged coastline of this Italian island, exploring rivers and canyons and discovering spectacular white sand beaches. Then hike into the wilderness at its centre to paddle on otherworldly Lake Cedrino before returning to the coast to spend a memorable night camping in a sea cave.

Recommended SUP trip in Sardinia:

Danube River

The Danube flows through much of Europe, but one of its most beautiful locations has to be Budapest. Paddle through the centre of the city to see the historic buildings and bridges from a new angle. Or take an unforgettable nighttime tour to see it all lit up and looking magical.

Recommended SUP trip in Hungary:

It’s one thing to paddle the river but another to explore its delta. Spend three days meandering through the many waterways of Europe’s second-largest river delta. Follow your local guide and feel miles away from real life as you paddle through lush vegetation and spot wildlife in this richly bio-diverse area.

Recommended SUP trip in Romania:

The Greek Islands

The number of time’s we’re asked can you paddle board in Greece is amazing, the answer is yes! Take Pelion for example you can go on a 5-day, 4-night SUP safari around the South Pelion coastline. Visit local villages, historic ruins and beautiful beaches. Cruise around the nearby islands and camp overnight on Trikeri Island. Customise your tour so that it contains more of what you love, camping, hiking, sightseeing, sunbathing or endurance paddling.

Recommended SUP trip in Pelion:

For a SUP holiday packed with games and activities, head to Kefalonia. Stay in a beautiful hotel packed with facilities amidst the island’s famously stunning beaches, sea caves and crystal waters. And enjoy endless SUP and watersports activities every day, including lessons, excursions, SUP Yoga and SUP water polo.

Recommended SUP trip in Kefalonia:

The French Riviera

The Lerins Islands
Escape the crowds of the Riviera beaches by heading to the serenely beautiful Lerins Islands. Located just off the coast of Cannes but feeling a world away, they’re the perfect destination for a day trip. Turn it into an overnight excursion by grabbing a bed in the Sainte Marguerite hostel.

Recommended SUP trip in Lerins Islands:

The Cap D’Antibes is a must-visit location on the Riviera. Rent a paddle board and cruise along the coast, enjoying the stunning scenery, basking in the sun, doing some celebrity spotting at the swanky hotels and restaurants and stopping for a well-earned sunset tipple at the beachside bars.

Recommended SUP trip in Antibes:

The Black Sea

Immerse yourselves in all the watersports you can handle at a surf and SUP camp in the ancient and beautiful city of Varna. Enjoy private lessons with qualified, friendly instructors as you learn to paddle, perfect your technique, or start riding big waves. All from the liveliest of the city’s beaches.

Recommended SUP trip in Bulgaria:

Want some healthy competition on your holiday? Why not enter the Sun Race Open? Romania’s largest SUP race offers you the chance to paddle in the waves of the Black Sea, meet like-minded SUPers from all over the world, and challenge yourself to do some of your best paddling.

Recommended SUP trip in Romania:

The Baltic Sea

Want to paddle under your own steam, not on an organised tour? Well, Finland has got you covered. Head to Raahe to hire a SUP board, tent, sleeping bags and any other camping gear you might need. Then head out into the Baltic Sea to follow your own itinerary.

Recommended SUP trip in Finland:

Base yourself in Jurmala, one of Latvia’s most beautiful seaside resorts. From there, you can choose to paddle into the waters of the Baltic sea, take an excursion up the River Lielupe to Babites lake, or head into nearby Riga to explore the city’s rivers and waterways from your board.

Recommended SUP trip in Latvia:

The Uk

Get off the beaten track with a trip to some of Scotland’s most remote lochs and woodlands. Glide along the pristine waters of the deep water lochs alongside towering mountains and old-growth forests. Watch for sea otters and eagles as you wild camp on the banks beneath the stars.

Recommended SUP trip in Scotland:

The Cornish coast attracts huge numbers of tourists every year, drawn to its mild climate and beautiful beaches. Get away from the crowds by heading out on an overnight paddling trip to explore the coast, get up close to wildlife, find hidden coves, and escape from the bustle of real life.

Recommended SUP trip in Cornwall:

Ireland’s Coastline

Kenmare Bay
Get back to nature as you explore the craggy landscape of the Southern Irish coast. Pass through stunning scenery, natural parks, and wildlife reserves. See castles, crags, rivers and islands as you paddle through the stunning waters before stopping to free camp and enjoy meals cooked over a roaring campfire.

Recommended SUP trip in Kenmare:

North Causeway
Head to Northern Ireland to enjoy a female-only SUP holiday that takes in a mixture of coastal and river paddling in an area of breathtaking natural beauty. Spend the days paddling and swimming in the wild Irish waters and the nights in a cosy traditional cottage with food, music and laughter.

Recommended SUP trip in North Causeway:

A list of all Inclusive hotels with paddleboarding in Europe

  1. Phokaia in Turkey
  2. Kamari Beach in Rhodes, Greece
  3. Lemnos Beach Resort, Greece
  4. Lixouri Bay Beach Club, Greece
  5. Alana Beachclub, Croatia
  6. Baia Dei Mori Beachclub

What’s the Best Time of Year for a Sup Holiday in Europe?

The best time to plan your SUP holiday in Europe depends on where you want to go and your personal preferences.

If you’re a fan of sunny skies and warm weather, then summer (June-August) is your best bet. During these months, you can expect temperatures in the mid-20s to 30s Celsius (70s-90s Fahrenheit) across many parts of Europe, making it perfect for spending time on the water.

But if you’re more of a cool breeze and less-crowded beaches kind of person, then spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October) are good choices. These are the shoulder seasons when temperatures are cooler, and beaches are less crowded. Plus, you might even find cheaper accommodation rates during these months.

Just keep in mind that some parts of Europe may have colder water temperatures, even during summer. So, it’s always a good idea to bring the right gear, including a wetsuit, to stay comfortable during your SUP holidays in Europe.

Do I need to bring my own SUP board, or can I rent one in Europe?

No, all of the places listed above will provider paddleboards for you, it’s pretty easy to find paddleboards for hire in Europe although in certain resorts they can be fairly expensive in which case you may want to bring your own. You can put your SUP on a plane with easyJet as sports luggage, please check with other airlines before booking.

Are there any safety tips that I should keep in mind when going on a SUP holiday in Europe?

Yes please take a look at our Paddleboarding Safety Tips page as this will apply to all SUP holidays.

What other activities can I combine with SUP on my European holiday?

SUP is a great sport to combine with other activities, there are a number of providers offering hiking and SUP tours this can often be part of a multi day sup trip. The two work well together where you might be in the mountains or on a river with one day paddleboarding and one day hiking.You can also go to one of the many beach resorts in Europe. and book a water sports holiday which may contain SUP as well as a number of other activities such as windsurfing, sailing or wakeboarding.

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