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Paddleboarding Holidays In Germany

With a landscape of lush forest, Mountain ranges, rivers and North Sea beaches, Germany is one of Europe’s most popular cultural tourism destinations. With an impressive 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites and over 6000 museums. Boasting some incredible architecture, cultural and historical venues. There are a number of fun filled festivals, celebrating everything from music to wine or beer, along with arts and cultural events. With more than a third of Germany’s land area is under some form of protection. With a total of 16 national parks and over 100 nature parks, there are more than 130 preserved national landscapes just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Paddleboard Tour Through Saarbrücken

Experience the inner city of Saarbrücken, from a completely unique and unusual perspective. An extraordinary experience. A relaxed outdoor adventure with a fantastic evening on the water, paddling along the golden-yellow shimmering waters, taking in that glowing sunset. This tour starts off in St. Arnual at which point we start to paddle down the Saar. Here we get to pass some sights of Saarbrücken. Continuing through the city center until we get to just before Burbach, beforing turning to head back on the exquisitely calm current-free waters, enjoying a total of around 5.6km on the water.

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Paddleboard Sightseeing around Hamburg

Photo: Lemke, _Martin

Hamburg from the water, what a special experience. The 38 Hekta lake situated right in the heart of the city is unique with its meandering canal system. We will jump in the car and head past the oldest boathouse in the city until Eppendorf where we will get to enjoy the amazing calm waters at the Rondeel Teich where several celebrities live. Here we will either do some basic lessons or a bit of yoga on the board to get comfortable and confident. Depending on the time frames, we may get to enjoy an aperitif on the water before heading back to Winterhude through one of the most beautiful canal sections. A chance to enjoy some freshly squeezed juices or a tasty small snack at the station with the hustle and bustle of the Jetty close by. .The tours start at the beautiful Mühlenkamp in Winterhude. To ensure that you are safe on the road later, we start with a briefing on land about the correct paddling technique and how you can best stand on the board. You will also get to learn some of the water traffic rules of the Alster along with how to handle any dangerous situations prior to heading onto the water.

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Sander Quarry Paddleboard Sunset Tour

This wonderful lake is filled with some beautiful wildlife, such as a diverse bird population, and cheeky beavers. With some luck we will get to see kingfishers, herons and cormorants. Water, nature, biodiversity, idyllic sunsets, all as we gently paddle along the water, enjoying a relaxed evening of activity. A great guided paddleboard tour on the lake enjoying a much needed escape from the city enjoying nature and the wonderful colours of sunset. The tour can last up to around 90 minutes depending on the amount of participants and their fitness levels.

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Paddleboard Tour on the Isar, close to Munich

While paddleboarding on the Isar river you can discover the Bavarian landscape close to Munich from a completely new and unique perspective.Being able to experience the ideal combination of excitement and relaxation together with family or friends while accompanied by an experienced guide. After an initial safety introduction, you will have some time to practice paddling in a quiet pool to get familiar with the paddleboard. As soon as everybody feels safe, we will follow the Isar river through the mesmerizing river landscape, finding quiet passages and a few challenging waves testing your concentration and balance.
After roughly 11 km and about 3 hours on the water, we reach the end point. From here, we take you back to the base where you can rinse off..

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Paddleboard on the Warnow through Rostock

Nature and a lovely Urban twist, the perfect combination you will find on the waters of the Warnow, in the middle of Rostock. This paddleboard tour starts near the Gehlsdorf industrial park. We then paddle south towards the Petridamm bridge and the Pomeranian bridge, passing the water polo players as we get to the fork of the Warnow. Slipping quietly down a small inconspicuous canal before reaching the next bridge. Enjoying the sights of all the small fishing boats along the water’s edge, heading into the newer canals of Rostock’s canal district. The canals get progressively smaller with the bridges lower, so watch your head!

Enjoying the relaxing paddle we then come across the Warnow again at the local rowing club. Still feeling strong and able we carry on towards the city harbour to enjoy the city’s skyline as we pass some friendly fisherman and spot the effortless hot air balloons flying overhead.

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