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Paddleboarding Holidays In Greece

Whether you’re looking for thrills or purely a beach lover, Greece will deliver. With almost 14000km of undulating coastline (the biggest in Europe and 11th in the world), Take a stroll along cobbled footpaths, enjoy a hike up some volcanoes, watch for dolphins and sea turtles, and cycle through the lush green forests. Explore the many Idyllic villages or take a walk between the olive groves and petrified forests. As would be expected, the best time to visit Greece for paddleboarding adventure is during summer. Although if riding waves is your forte then you may lean toward autumn and winter for some better surf conditions.

Greece provides an exquisite destination for any type of holiday, from simple sightseeing to multi-day active recreation. Filled with Historical monuments, beautiful islands, the majestic mainland and the stunning natural Mediterranean environment. Cruising, downwind, island crossing and wave riding can all be enjoyed in Greece, pending conditions of course.

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Starting from the Nemely center, Avis beach around 40 minutes before sunset. You will follow the ever changing coastline all the way to the mountains. Taking some time to relax and enjoy the bright bold full moon. Stopping on the way back to enjoy a relaxing night swim before heading to the centre. With the added assurance of a rescue boat following, and also to record your paddleboarding tour. This tour will only run when the weather is perfect to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

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Explore the rugged Rhodes coastline on this stand-up paddleboard adventure. After the pre-arranged hotel pickup, you will travel to Stegna, a lovely coastal village, and receive a brief safety tutorial and lesson. Hop on a board and follow your guide to some stunning and secluded spots nestled amongst the island’s dramatic coastline. Feel free to take a refreshing dip between paddling, grab some snorkeling gear to explore the underwater world, or take the plunge from the cliffs. With the option of choosing either morning or afternoon for your excursion you can make this tour suit your schedule.

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Explore the coast of Crete from the viewpoint of a standup paddleboard on this guided tour around the Magnificent Marathi Bay. After a short instruction and safety lesson, head out into the bay, exploring small unique islets, protected diving spots, and a secluded small cave system along the way. Stopping from time to time to enjoy the clear waters, snorkelling with the diverse marine life or just catching your breath on the beach. This tour is suited for all ages and experience levels, a great way to enjoy time with friends and family on the water.

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Marmari is a small fishing village a mere 1hr away from the city of Athens. It is most famous for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, Dimosari Gorge’s beautiful waterfalls and it’s amazing natural hiking trails. Along the coast you will find numerous quaint taverns offering some truly authentic and tasty Greek cuisine. Marmari is the perfect little village to relax and spend an absolutely unforgettable vacation. With plenty to experience on this 6 day excursion.

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Starting from Spilia ( Roka ) beach, which is located nearby the traditional village of Spartochori, full of picturesque little alleys. At a relaxing pace everyone will head off for some floating exploration, paddling along the lovely island coastline, covered with beautiful tall pine trees. Making the way along the coast you will come across some stunning turquoise waters and spectacular rocky formations. With the highlight of the tour being the trip to the incredible and uninhabited island of Thilia for a nice relaxing swim, or perhaps some snorkeling before a scrumptious lunch. Returning thereafter to our starting point.

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