Paddleboarding Holidays In The UK

by | Nov 28, 2020

The UK is perfectly placed for a paddleboarding escape, whether it be on the sea, river or loch.

Top 3 reasons for booking paddleboarding holidays in the UK

  • A wide variety of rivers, canals, lakes and sea.
  • Accredited course providers ( see BUSPA
  • If you’re based in the UK no need to jump on a plane.

Here we’ve broken down the top 5 paddleboarding holidays in Scotland, England and Wales

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Paddleboarding Holidays Scotland
Paddleboarding Holidays Wales
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Top 5 Paddleboarding Holidays in Scotland

Scotland’s our top nation for a paddleboarding holiday in the UK, many treasures include beautiful ancient architecture, incredible wildlife, some superb seafood and renowned hospitality with wonderfully down-to-earth people.

Scotland is home to some of the largest wilderness areas left in Western Europe, where you may be lucky enough to spot some majestic Golden Eagles soaring over the lochs and mountains of the northern Highlands, or spot some little otters playing in the kelp forests of Outer Hebrides. Also being an adventure playground, Scotland offers some fantastic hiking, adventurous sea kayaking amongs seals around the local isles or, of course, some paddleboard discovery.


Highland Perthshire Canyoning and Paddleboard Adventure

Highland Perthshire Paddleboard Adventure

If multi day adventure tours pique your interest, then this canyon and paddleboard tour may be for you. An enjoyable private two day adventure tour is an amazing way to explore some epic natural venues in Highland Perthshire. Combining a day of dry and wet activities, starting with a wake up mellow hike in the stunning Dunkeld Hermitage, followed by a hearty packed lunch. We then head off canyoning exploring the wonderful waterfalls and rock features surrounded by dense forest in Bruar Falls. With rock jumping, rock slides and some waterfalls abseiling to keep the adrenaline pumping. An overnight stay in some local accommodation before another day of fun. Day 2 heading onto the Falls of Acharn on the shores of Loch Tay for an enchanting nature walk around a beautiful set of pools, with cascading waterfalls amongst them, a moment for some lunch, then onto some paddleboarding. We get the boards out and enjoy the wide open spaces, a great way to experience the vastness as you see things from the water. Concluding your busy day with a Sauna session on the shores of Loch Tay

Scotland Wild Paddleboard Expedition

Scotland Wild Paddleboard Expedition

This unique women’s only paddle boarding tour experience takes place in the picturesque Scottish Highlands. For an exciting and adventure filled 4 days you will follow the wild coast line, exploring stunning lochs and locations inaccessible for most. Paddling in the direction of Knoydart, said to be the last true wilderness area in Scotland, with a population of a mere 113 people. Nestled neatly between Loch Nevis and Loch Hourn, this peninsula is completely cut off from the UK road network, being only accessible by boat, foot or… paddleboard. A stunning and remote location, ideal for our long weekend in nature.This expedition is unfortunately only open to those with previous paddle boarding experience, mainly due to the unpredictable conditions and remote and wild location of this trip, you must be comfortable paddling for up to 5 hours a day.

Loch Leven Voyager Paddleboard Tour

Sander Quarry Paddleboard Sunset Tour

Discover Glencoe as you paddleboard over the magical waters of Loch Leven, discover. This journey takes you from the Ballachulish Bridge, passing the village of Glencoe and into Kinlochleven with roughly 14km of flat water paddling. We will make use of the winds and tide to assist us as we make our way down the Loch, making sure we have more than enough time to discover the small uninhabited island of Eileen Munde, take in the panoramic mountain views and simply soak in some of these incredible landscapes.

East Lothian Coastline Paddleboard Tour

East Lothian Coastline Paddleboard Tour

Meeting at Foxlake Adventures 20 minutes early. Embarking on a really unique coastal journey, visiting beaches, islands, cliffs, rocky inlets and beautiful wildlife such as puffins, seals and hopefully some dolphins. Paddleboarding will give you a totally new perspective of your environment. Allowing you to have an amazing view across the water, and also the chance to experience what’s going on underneath beneath it. You will paddle and explore the waters between North Berwick and the historic Dunbar taking in the wonderful locations and landmarks such as Tantallon Castle, Seacliff Beach, and the world’s largest gannet colony, Bass Rock which protrudes from the water, then on to the surf mecca of Belhaven Bay. Skills, techniques and water safety all provided by an ASI qualified professional guide.

Paddleboarding Via Ferrata and River Bugging Adventure

Paddleboard on the Warnow through Rostock

This paddleboard tour covering three days of fun and adventure, Via Ferrata & River Bugging Private Adventure Tour is a great way to explore some epic natural locations in two vastly differing areas of Scotland, the West Coast and the Highlands.

Day 1, will combine a day of wet and dry activities, starting with a morning walk in the stunning Birks of Aberfeldy or Acharn Falls. Followed with a hearty supplied packed lunch to refuel in preparation for an active afternoon of paddleboarding on Loch Tay to get a real feel of the large open spaces on offer in this wonderful country. With a relaxing sauna on the shores of Loch Tay to wind down the day before heading to your accommodation for the night.

Starting day 2 you will depart to Kinlochleven and the Via Ferrata route, this unique and exciting activity runs alongside the third biggest waterfall in Scotland, equipped with ladders, bridges and fixed cables, this path will allow users to access this magical environment. Onto a well deserved lunch break you will have the option to visit a local seafood restaurant to fill up and prepare for the rest of the day, enjoying some lovely local walks in this beautiful location.

Dropped off at your accommodation once again to be fed and let the muscles rest before your final day of adventure.

Day 3 sees you off to Spean Bridge and the incredible Spean Gorge section of the river to start our River Bugging adventure trip, you will get to enjoy a mostly inaccessible gorge, with it’s epic walls that have been beautifully carved out by water flow over the years. A chance to make the most of some great cliff jumping venues. Floating down some exhilarating rapids, with drops, and waves to get the blood pumping. A meal at a local eatery welcomes you before your journey home.

Top 5 Paddleboarding Holidays in Wales

Wales is a compact country in southwest Great Britain known for its stark and rugged coastline, stunning mountainous national parks, and of course the distinctive Welsh language and Celtic culture. Wales offers a myriad of opportunities for the adventure seeker looking to explore nature with a number of secluded, lonely corners to visit, hiding behind mountains, within river valleys and along surf-ravaged cliffs. Not a tropical destination, but Wales’ coastline offers a lot as a beach holiday destination. The beauty of the coast is truly underrated, and Wales has arguably some of the very best locations. To add some historical diversity, Wales has more than 400 castles and fortifications dotted over the landscape, countless manicured gardens and a network of heritage railways connecting the geologically diverse country.


Paddleboarding Via Ferrata and River Bugging Adventure

Guided Night Paddleboarding North Wales

Guided by the magical moonlight as you head out under the stars for a night paddleboarding adventure. Being close to the water as you explore in the calm of the night, listening to local and looking out for some local wildlife. Awarded as a Dark Skies Reserve, North Wales has outstanding night air quality. If conditions are good you may be able to join a session in a sheltered bay in Anglesey, with a good chance to see some brightly coloured phosphorescence in the ocean, if not we will pop over to snowdonia to get everyone on the water. And don’t forget to look out for an elusive shooting star.

Two Night West Wales Paddleboard Adventure

Two Night West Wales Paddleboard Adventure

With Wales having one of the most beautiful and geologically diverse coastlines in the world, why not consider an activity packed paddleboard holiday in West Wales. The perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway, with the safety of an experienced guide to take you along some wonderful exploration on your paddleboard. Enjoy some of Wales’ worldwide acclaimed beauty from a unique perspective. With this West Wales Adventure you can expect to explore remote caves and sandy coves, passing beneath towering cliffs as you enjoy the fresh, clean sea air straight off the Atlantic Ocean, the return to your comfortable accomodation in a dream location a short walk from Freshwater West. Enjoy some local wildlife including seals, porpoises and a whole lot more.

Coastal Paddleboarding in Pembrokeshire


If you’re heading west towards Pembrokeshire then you’ve got to try paddleboarding, with numerous beautiful spots to enjoy and explore on the water. With a selection of great paddleboard locations, we are sure to get you the best experience as you enjoy some exciting paddleboarding. You will have the opportunity to head out at Newgale Beach, Solva & Lowertown Fishguard or Abercastle, weather dependent. And for something a little unique and fun, and if you are up for some team-work then you can give the Giant SUP a go, which can carry up to 8 people! These enjoyable and easy paced tours require no previous experience and will last around 2-3 hours, which will include some great help and insight from an experienced instructor.

Guided Overnight Paddleboard Adventure


If you are looking for an exciting mini adventure, then join Psyched Paddleboarding as they head out at dusk, to set up camp in a wonderfully ‘wild’ location. Enjoy the serenity as you watch the stars fill up the sky while heading out on a magical night time paddle in Anglesey, the calm water underneath you as you float under the evening sky. After some exploration you get to snuggle up in your toasty warm sleeping bag to enjoy a peaceful night out in nature. Adventure is all about getting into the wilderness, enjoying time out from work and technology and being at peace in the wonderful outdoors. It’s about letting nature invigorate you. You will really get the true feeling of being an adventurer after you’ve enjoyed this trip.

Paddleboard Tour Langland Bay to Mumbles Knab Rock

Paddleboard Tour Langland Bay to Mumbles Knab Rock

Photo: Jaggery

Meeting in our beach hut at Langland, with two great options for this paddle tour, you get to make the most of your time out on the water. Either starting from Langland Bay and heading toward Mumbles Knab Rock or vice versa. Meandering your way along the lovely scenic coastal town, tide assisted for a nice relaxing experience we will head past the famous pier and explore around Mumbles Knab Rock. You can expect the tour to take around 2 hours 30 minutes, we do recommend you have some experience, or a few lessons with us prior to heading out for this fun filled adventure on the sea.

Top 5 Paddleboarding Holidays in England

Part of the United Kingdom, England is a small country that borders Wales to its west and Scotland to its north. Though it might be small, England certainly offers a lot, with its stunning landscape of pint-sized shores, lush green fields and rolling hills, the towering chalk cliffs and ancient woods. With 10 equally beautiful national parks, a whopping 34 Areas of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB) and around 2795 miles of craggy beach-fringed coastline, making it one of Europe’s longest, and only one to offer a public coast path all the way round. Whether you’re strolling over the South Downs, ascending some Lake District mountains or adventuring above Dover’s unmistakable White Cliffs, England is a seemingly endless adventure for your eyes.


SUPfari Lake District Paddleboard River Tour


A hugely enjoyable and memorable Lake District paddle boarding experience for beginners looking for some adventure or paddleboarders with a bit more experience, offering an amazing session with a friendly and fun, qualified instructor. The lesson provides you with the technique, knowledge and foundational skills to assist you improve and excel at paddleboarding. With the safety induction complete, you will then head out with your guide on the water, enjoying a paddleboard safari along the beautiful River Brathay, which borders the historic counties of Lancashire and Westmorland, with stunning views of the Langdale Pike skyline right in the heart of the Lake District.

Paddleboard Safari on The River Avon

Paddleboarding River Avon

The River Avon is a calm, slow and winding, dreamy example of a river that meanders away from busy roads, towns and the noise of civilization into a quiet and calming wilderness filled with wildlife large and small. With regular sightings of deer swimming in the river during the warm summer months and Red Kites shadowing us as we paddle along. This is way more than your average ‘learn to paddleboard’ session, this experience offers up the opportunity to explore this pristine natural space from a unique vantage point while learning the skills to explore on your paddleboard with the help of some clear and calm instruction.

Thirlmere Paddleboard Tour

Thirlmere Paddleboard Tour

Aimed at the more experienced paddle boarders looking for an adventure tour amongst some amazing scenery accompanied by our experienced guides. This tour general takes around 4 hrs, during which you will paddle the length of the 6 km lake. Along the way you will have the opportunity to improve your skills and technique from our guides who will also help teach the basics of long distance paddleboard touring, along with how to navigate and read weather conditions. If interested you can also learn a little about the fascinating history of the lake, originally damed in the late 1800’s to supply the ever growing Manchester population with clean drinking water. With a truly unique feel, this lake offers lush forested banks with steep rock walls on either side. This is a wonderful journey into a very wild and rugged environment.

Paddleboarding Adventure in Fremington


Boasting incredible views of the surrounding scenery this wonderful adventure can be filled with amazing wildlife and some relaxing tranquil paddling in a lovely calm part of the estuary, perfectly suited to learning the skills required to stand up paddleboard. Your adventure will begin from a wind protected pebbled shoreline, where you will be taught the basics of Stand Up Paddle boarding along with some essential safety points which will get you on the water safely. Your tour will be tailored completely to suit your ability level exploring the amazing estuarial waters of North Devon which is packed with wildlife, picturesque views and scenery. Paddleboarding is an awesome way to improve fitness whilst enjoying the outdoors and this tour requires no previous experience. Perfect for beginners through to intermediates.

Derwent Water Paddleboard Tour

Derwent Water Paddleboard Tour

The Derwent Water SUP Tour experience is designed for people of varying levels, including ambitious beginners and fun loving intermediate paddlers, it is completely adaptable to suit your individual or groups needs and experience. Perfect for getting your friends involved and allowing them a safe and fun introduction into paddleboarding while enjoying a healthy group activity, but equally suitable for existing paddle boarders looking to improve their skill and discover the adventure of touring on paddleboard. You will get to enjoy a fully guided experience and our instructor will be on hand to keep you safe and help you get the most out of your adventure.



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