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Paddleboarding Holidays in Croatia

Situated in Southeast Europe, Croatia boasts 5.600 kilometres (3.500 miles) of Mediteranean coastline and more than 1000 of beautiful islands. Croatia is a diverse paddle boarders paradise!

Known for the stunning Plitvička lakes and Krka falls, the highest number of UNESCO sites in Europe, the breathtaking Mediteranian Coastline and of course the location where the HBO series Game of Thrones was shot, in Dubrovnik.

The Mediteranean coastline is one of the main attractions in Croatia. The Coast is filled with beautiful rocky islands, of which only around 50 are actually inhabited. These islands are quite diverse in appearance, everything from calming green pine tree covered landscapes to stunning desert mirages, there truly is something for everyone’s taste, and what better way to explore that varied coastline, than with your paddleboard.

While paddleboarding along the Croatian coast, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the many beautiful secluded beaches, soaring high cliffs, historical old towns and ancient ruins of the Roman Empire. Lets not forget the incredible, clear azure seas which will entice you in at every opportunity.

The coastal climate in Croatia is Mediterranean, which means enjoyable warm dry summers (25-35 degrees) and beautifully mild winters (10-20 degrees), with the central part of the country having more of a continental climate with hot summers (30-40 degrees) and cold, snowy winters (-10 -+5 degrees).

Best season to get out there for a paddleboarding holiday would be in Summer, as during Autumn and Spring the local winds are quite common.


With quiet unspoiled beaches in stark contrast to the busier southern parts of the country and azure seas known for being calm and tranquil, it is a fantastic destination to relax and enjoy some scenic paddleboarding.

The team over at Mettafloat have some unforgettable paddle board experiences on offer in the Pula region, such as the GLOW night tour, which kicks off at Histria Beach around 9pm and goes for about an hour and a half. Best thing, it is completely suitable for beginners too. The paddleboards are supplied and equipped with LEDs that give you a view into the lovely sealife below at night. For more info click here.
If day-time is more your thing, you can try out the Island tour, once again starting off at Histria Beach. With a brief lesson on paddle board basics, you head onto the water, once comfortable everyone paddles through to Fratarski Island, meandering along its coastline with views of both Frašker and Fraškerić Islands as you enjoy the crystal clear waters teeming with life below you, at which point a stop to enjoy some snorkeling or for the adrenaline fuelled, cliff jumping, before heading back to shore. For more information and to book click here.
For a great way to start your day, why not give one of the morning paddle board Yoga classes a try, starting at around 8am and running for a little over an hour, starting with a quick paddle board lesson then heading out to enjoy your Yoga lesson. This class is also suitable for beginners. More info.

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Zagreb is situated in the northwest, is the capital and the largest city of Croatia, positioned along the Sava river. Along the cobblestone streets you will find subterranean beer bars and hipster cafes, with views of Mount Medvednica on the horizon. To break up the city exploration, head to Jarun lake and enjoy an Urban Stand Up Paddling Tour.Meet your certified guide at Lobagola Tours head office in the centre of Zagreb, from where you will be taken to a 3 hour Stand Up Paddling adventure on Lake Jarun. The lake consists of 5 beaches.With some time to get your balance, gaining the basic techniques and acquiring some confidence, you will be taken to the green waters of the lake Jarun, overlooking the urban jungle that’s surrounding the lake. For more information or to book click here.

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Milna, or as the Venetians call it, “Valle di mille navi” (the bay of a thousand ships), is situated a mere 6 km away from the town of Hvar, in a protected cove with two tranquil sandy beaches, separated from each other by a natural pine forest.
Milna is an idyllic vacation spot for those that seek peace and tranquility during the day, and an active nightlife and fun during the hot summer nights. Apart from paddleboarding you can enjoy sailing, scuba-diving, or fishing.

Stand up paddle tours Vis has some amazing tour packages, that range from beginner classes all the way through to 4 hour cave tours.

For the beginners, we obviously recommend the beginners tour, where you will be given a 15 minute introduction on land. Instructors will explain to you how to keep your balance, how to paddle, how to turn the board quickly and how to fall safely. After 15 minutes, you will jump into the sea and go for a paddle, with the instructor close at hand to assist. Once everyone is comfortable you will go for a tour dependent on everyone’s ability.

If you want a longer experience, give the Green Cave Tour a try. This is a 3-4 hour excursion starting at Milna Bay and, following the coast, head up to Zaglav Bay, with some time to rest and swim before carrying on to Rukavac and then on to the stunning Green Cave, with two potential routes home depending on the weather. If either of the above tours interest you click here for more info. And once again there is the option of some paddle board Yoga, which is aimed at all levels and a great way to experience nature, paddle boarding and yoga all at once.

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Alluring Trogir (called Trau by the Venetians) is set within ancient medieval walls on a small island, linked to both Čiovo Island and the mainland via bridges. Its close proximity to Split Airport means that Trogir is very easy to reach. Trogir was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to the historical Romanesque and Renaissance buildings throughout the town. There are some really exciting paddle board tours on offer in this region., especially if you are a Game of Thrones or History fan. Croatia2Gether offer some great options to get you on the water, with a wonderful sunset tour exploring the beauty and wildlife of Patana waters. Then, as mentioned they have the popular Game of Thrones tour, which runs for around 2 hours and shows off some of the stunning 16th century architecture and ancient Castles where portions of GOT were filmed.

For the history buffs, we would highly recommend the Šibenik history tour, an enlightening adventure taking you along the St Anthony Channel, paddling through an underwater tunnel built by the Yugoslav Army, then heading on to the St Nicholas Fortress for a break and to enjoy the architecture before finishing the tour at the nearby pickup point. For something slightly different you can check out Feelfree Adventure who run a Trogir Watermill paddle tour. This tour takes you along the beautiful calm and clean waters of Patana, A haven for local sea and wildlife, where you will take time to snorkel, swim and enjoy your surroundings, ending off with a stunning sunset at the bridge connecting Trogir and the Island of Čiovo.

Paklinski Islands

Hvar, a delightful island town at the centre of the Hvar Riviera comprising a cluster of offshore islets that are among the most scenic the Adriatic has to offer. The Pakleni Islands are a gorgeous chain of wooded isles that stretches out in front of Hvar offering small, secluded beaches, deserted coves and sun-drenched hills, what more could you ask for in a paddleboarding destination. Vis Sea Adventures has a large selection of paddle board tours, you’re bound to find one that appeals to you. They offer paddle board safari tours, with emphasis on the surrounding flora and fauna, Paddle board yoga for beginner to pro. Alternatively they also offer rentals, so you can grab your paddle board and explore on your own schedule. Kayak & SUP also offer a lovely Integral Vinyasa inspired paddle board yoga practice at Bonj. Beach, click over to their website to book your spot.

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