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Paddleboarding Holidays In Norway

Three Fjords Expedition – Aurlandsfjord

A limited expedition with endless memories. Over an eight day spay, just a few lucky people will get to explore three areas of mind blowing natural beauty. Truly the ultimate paddleboard experience in Norway. A colossal trip filled with excitement and adventure including a seaplane flight, some amazing local restaurants set atop towering cliffs to picture perfect lakeside eateries, untouched glacier and glacier lakes, 2 UNESCO Fjords, namely, Aurlandsfjord and the majestic Nærøyfjord, a mountain tour and the optional mountain climb route with Europe’s longest wire footbridge.

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Paddleboard Lustrafjord

Whisking you away to a truly secret spot, known only to your guides, Axel and Seb. After a brief introduction and warm-up, we take our first few paddle strokes in a beautiful safe and tranquil bay. Once acquainted with the equipment, we set out to explore and discover the surrounding beaches, with their breathtaking azure waters, rugged natural coves, some tranquil snorkelling and of course some tasty snacks. A highlight of this region, however, is not to be found on land. In 1971, the French government purchased 80 percent of Porquerolles, stopping any further development, with a large portion of the island now part of the Port-Cros National Park, the first maritime park found in Europe.

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Paddleboard on the Istra River – Åndalsnes

Paddle along the calm green waters of the Istra River in Andalsnes and experience spectacular scenery, surrounded by the breathtaking Romsdals nature. This exciting paddleboarding adventure offers hours of relaxing fun combined with experiencing some incredible nature beauty. With calm, gently flowing water under your board, this tour is suitable for most people with average physical ability, plus you will have the experience of a professional paddleboard guide to assist you and make sure your adventure is nothing but amazing. Highly recommended for nature lovers!

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Paddleboard in Frafjord

Gliding along the mystical fjords on a stand up paddleboard is a fantastic way to experience the unique waterways of Norway. Enjoy exploring some of the roughly 6km long inlet of the Høgsfjord on your paddleboard, with sights and sounds of Frafjord with its steep mountains towering as high as 700m on the Northern side. All tours provide some paddleboarding basics and safety tips, we ensure you have a fun and safe time, and are able to accommodate large groups. We recommend the Frafjord Spa and SUP Combo which includes 2-3 hours paddling followed by an hour in the Månefossa Jacuzzi treated with therapeutic Dead Sea Salts, located right on the Frafjord River. An incredibly relaxing experience.

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Sognefjord is the longest & deepest navigable fjord in the world and one of its arms, namely Nærøyfjord, is arguably the most spectacular one to experience. You can just imagine paddling along the calm emerald waters of the beautiful Nærøyfjord, surrounded by shear mountains with snow covered peaks standing almost 2000m above sea level, with curious and quaint little villages, and cliffs adorned with hundreds of flowing waterfalls all along its length. Whether spotting local white-tailed eagles or playful porpoises, paddling up to huge powerful waterfalls, enjoying stories and warming up around a campfire or just quietly relaxing and taking in the most beautiful nature there is, people who join this expedition are invariably blown-away by the unique experience.

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